Flowers from seed to centerpiece!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment to pick flowers?

Maybe! - If you are just picking a bouquet or two or three, then no appointment is necessary. However, if are picking flowers for a wedding or other event, then please phone ahead to confirm availability and make a reservation.

Is your garden organic?

Organic is a somewhat relative term.  Our flowers are not "certified organic". However, we do follow organic practices. We use only pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that are OMRI approved.  And, we only use them when absolutely necessary.

How should I care for my flowers once I get them home?

  • Here are a few tips that will keep your flowers beautiful and long lasting:
  • Make sure your vase is super clean. Vases should be soaked in a diluted bleach solution after each use to kill bacteria from decaying leaves and stems.
  • Remove excess foliage. Cut off all leaves that will be below the water in your vase. Leaves left  underwater increase bacteria in the water as they decay, shortening the life of your flowers.
  • Re-cut the stems when arranging your flowers. 
  • Do not place flowers in direct sunlight or in "hot-spots" such as on your television.
  • It is best to replace the water daily. The easiest way to do this is to set your arrangement in the sink.  Do not empty the water. Turn on the faucet, and using tepid water, let the water run into the vase until it appears the old water has been washed out and replaced with new water.

How do you keep the rabbits and deer out of your garden:

We don't.  It's a losing battle!

Thank you for your interest in Take Your Pick Flowers. 

We will not have any flowers available this season as we are moving.

Pick your own flowers in our self-service cutting gardens.  Self-service hours are 9am to 7pm, 7 days per week from Memorial Day to Columbus Day.  We recommend that you call ahead in late May and early June to confirm availability and that the U-pick is open.

Scissors, water and floral tissue are provided as well as buckets to hold your flowers while you pick. We recommend that you bring a water tight container to carry your flowers home.

Prices are by the stem and range from $.50 to $3.00 each.

Please call ahead if you are coming out to pick flowers for an event, such as a wedding or party, to confirm availability.

U-Pick Flowers

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